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The origin of the authentic cashmere wool lies in the high plains of the Himalayas, in Ladakh and Tibet.


The cashmere goat (Capra Hircus) lives there at an altitude of 4,000 meters, from whose undercoat the fine and soft cashmere fiber is obtained.


Under the special climatic conditions (extreme temperatures of up to -40 ° Celcius) the goats grow their valuable long under hair (duvet), which is later processed into exclusive wool known as cashmere.


Because of its fine fibers, its thermal insulation and its ability to repel moisture, cashmere is one of the precious wools, the most valuable and expensive natural fibers.


It is obtained by combing the goats during their natural coat change at the end of winter. This means that around 100-200 grams of usable cashmere are obtained per animal. A cashmere sweater requires around 300 grams.


The name cashmere comes from the Indian cashmere region of the same name, which is located on the legendary Silk Road, on which the weaving of wool was originally located.

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Ethical sourcing initiatives: animal welfare, sustainability and product traceability  

Our cashmere products are made from the finest Scottish and Italian cashmere wool.


Through close cooperation between our wool suppliers and local and recognized dehairers, we ensure that the cornerstones of ethical cashmere production are maintained.


We are constantly working on not only promoting sustainable grazing practices but also observing the high animal welfare requirements and improving herding practices. The way of life of the cashmere shepherds should also be protected.




Fair and sustainable production: Made in Europe    

After the design process of our cashmere pieces takes place in Austria, they are then produced in Tuscany. Just like us, our knitter is a small, family-run company that promotes fair working conditions and places great value on high quality.


Due to our local, European production, we can keep our CO2 footprint low. However, we strive to further reduce this.




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