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Machine wash


We recommend at least one day of rest after each use. In the meantime, you can let your piece of cashmere air out in the fresh air.


Basically, it is advisable to wash your CATCHme cashmere piece every fourth time it is worn, provided it is not too dirty. Due to the self-cleaning properties of cashmere wool, it is often enough to clean the piece of cashmere well just by airing it. This also enables the sensitive fibers of the wool to regenerate quickly.


As soon as you wash your CATCHme cashmere piece in a washing machine, a wool wash program should be selected, whereby we recommend filling the drum only half. The washing temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. You should also pay attention to the speed in the spin cycle - ideally the revolutions per minute are no more than 600.

How do I wash my cashmere?

Hand wash


If the washing machine does not have a wool wash program, you can also hand wash your cashmere. The water should be as lukewarm as possible. Soaking and rubbing the cashmere wool should be avoided during hand washing.


After washing, we recommend rinsing out the detergent thoroughly and then gently squeezing out the remaining water in the cashmere wool. A towel can also be used for this in order to completely remove the moisture from the wool.

How do I store my cashmere?



Cashmere should be stored in a dark and above all dry place. Because of the fine fibers of the material and to counteract any change in shape, you should store your cashmere piece lying down, folded. The cashmere clothing should be loosely folded and not crushed if possible.


So that your piece of cashmere stays beautiful for a long time, it must be protected from what is probably the worst enemy of all pieces of cashmere and wool: the moth. In this case, we recommend placing small pillows of lavender or cedar wood in the box or in the storage bag.

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